Lifetime Guarantee

On the off chance you are not entirely satisfied, and we really couldn’t care how trivial it is, possibly the black isn’t black enough or the satisfying click you get when you close your case doesn’t give you that popping bubble wrap feeling, tell us. We will honour “YOUR SATISFACTION OUR MOTIVATOR” and do something about it.

We could fill this page with stuff our lawyers tell us we should say or we could say this; we believe in our product, we believe in keeping our customer happy, so here we are, how can we keep you happy?

Our cases have a lifetime guarantee, possibly you bought it ten days ago or ten years, it makes no difference to us. Here’s the one thing we will need: proof of purchase. "It’s been ten years," you say, that’s OK. We can track you, all we need is a few details.

So here’s the disclaimer, we only cover the case, not the foam or your custom EVA mould. Feel free to head over to our contact us page and let’s get things back on track.

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